Every industry is undergoing creative destruction. The transformation we witnessed in the digital world is fanning itself across the economy. From concept to customer, companies have to reinvent themselves to merely compete.

The Food and Beverage industries are in the throes of massive change. From manufacturers to retailers, from suppliers to all intermediaries, everyone is under pressure to perform in a relentlessly competitive arena. Consequently, the stakeholders are redefining themselves and the rules of engagement. Traditional methods of solving problems are being challenged and disruptive innovation is becoming the norm.

The evolution of packaging, the rise in challenger brands, and the new health consciousness is dismantling the entrenched paradigms. Enabled by digital technologies and fast connectivity, the industry ecosystem is reshaping itself at its very roots.

This convention is the first of its kind to bring together the various elements that comprise an entire industry so that the cause and effect dynamics can be fully understood, appreciated, and acted upon. Instead of the silo thinking, the Gestalt manner of this convention will help bring an enlightened consciousness.

From this two-day convention, you will come away with aligned ideas and actionable strategies to implement in your operations. You will quantum leap your current level of thinking and redefine the next level of performance. You will learn from leading experts, practitioners, and industry leaders as to:

  • What is driving the next round of evolution
  • How is the marketplace changing with so many segments and choices
  • How will technology enable the industry supply chains
  • How packaging innovations will drive market success
  • What is next for sustainability and corporate responsibility
  • How to redefine brands and branding
  • Why social advocacy will drive future industry shifts

Come join us on May 9th & 10th, 2016 for two
ground breaking days in New Orleans